CUrrent Courses

Spring 2021. COMPSCI 330 Design and Analysis of Algorithms (undergraduate course in algorithms, co-taught with Prof. Rong Ge)

Spring 2021. COMPSCI 590.04 Machine Learning Algorithms (advanced graduate course on "algorithms for ML" and "ML-augmented algorithms", co-taught with Prof. Rong Ge)

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2021. COMPSCI 290 Special Topics: Great Ideas in Computer Science (an introduction to computer science from the perspective of the big ideas, conflicts, and questions that computer science has brought to the fore: the course will include discussions on the historical perspective of the emergence of computer science and its meteoric rise in less than a century, how computer science relates to mathematics, engineering, and other branches of science, the role of computer science in shaping human thought and knowledge in a modern world, and some of the big futuristic questions that computer science faces today in theory and practice)