Postdoctoral positions

Will be advertised here when there is an opening.

PhD positions

I typically have openings for self-motivated students in theoretical computer science with a strong background in mathematics who want to work in algorithms. If you are interested, please apply to the Duke Computer Science PhD program. You are welcome to send me an email letting me know of your application.

Undergraduate Research positions

I typically have openings for undergraduate students at Duke, both for research independent study projects and summer research projects. If you are a current Duke student with a strong background in computer science and mathematics, and are interested in algorithms, please contact me by email with a copy of your CV.

Current Students

Keerti Anand (4th year PhD student, jointly advised with Rong Ge)

Ruoxu Cen (1st year PhD student)

Kevin Sun (4th year PhD student)

I also often work with Xiao Hu and Hanrui Zhang.



Yu Cheng

    • Postdoc, 2017-19

    • first employment: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Kyle Fox

    • Postdoc, 2016-17

    • first employment: Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

I also frequently worked with Sungjin Im, who is currently at University of California at Merced.

Graduate Students

Samuel Haney

    • PhD, 2019

    • first employment: Tumult Labs

Nathaniel Kell

    • PhD, 2018 (also won the best PhD Award, best Prelim Award, and best Research Initiation Project Award)

    • first employment: Assistant Professor, Denison University

I also frequently worked with:

  • Yuan Deng, who is currently at Google Research, New York

  • Janardhan Kulkarni, who is currently at Microsoft Research, Redmond

Undergraduate Students

Arun Ganesh

  • BS 2017, summa-cum-laude (also won the Alex Vasilos Award for Excellence in Research)

  • first employment: Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley

Haofeng (Fred) Zhang

  • BS 2018, summa-cum-laude

  • first employment: Graduate Student, Harvard University (transferred to University of California, Berkeley)

Visiting Students

Zhihao Jiang

  • Visited as undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, 2019

Seeun William Umboh

  • Visited as PhD student at University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2014

Vahid Liaghat

  • Visited as PhD student at University of Maryland at College Park, 2013